Nurture direct relationships, increase value and maximise utilisation

The Hive Marketing Cloud helps Travel & Tourism organisations better understand their audiences and products.


We do this by automating the delivery of highly personalised communications in your customer journey that grow customer engagement and lifetime value.

Marketing Travel & Tourism comes with some very specific challenges - seasonality, managing occupancy or load factor, brand or destination loyalty, customer segmentation and profiling, discounts and yield protection - It's a complex juggling act made even more difficult with a product that perishes rapidly, such as an unsold hotel night, a seat on a flight or a week in the Bahamas.


Solutions for the most common data challenges encountered when marketing for Travel & Tourism.


Right-time Marketing


Stop guessing and start matching your marketing promotions with your customer’s actual booking horizon for accurate segmentation, right time promotions and strong conversions.

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Revenue Management


Be the master of forward planning and match those holiday searchers with your late availability deal.  Make last-minute bookings more profitable and keep your customers happy, too!

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Margin protection


Don’t ruin a holiday or your profit margins by utilising Hive’s software to exclude pre-booked customers from your promotional booking campaigns.

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Increasing Booking Value


Time your promotional communications about additional holiday services with clear insights into your window of opportunity to increase the value of your bookings and customers.

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Channel Cost Reduction


Do you know if your customers choose you over third-party affiliates?  Make sure that they have no choice by targeting direct messages that make them want to use you and you only!


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Data Integration


Is your supplier hoarding all of your booking data, leaving you without access to crucial information to fuel your marketing campaigns?  Not anymore!  Hive has the knowledge, expertise and the spare key to unlock everything you need.

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