• Joel Rowbottom

So, was GDPR the big bad devil we were all expecting?

Sure we’ve had to put some processes and systems in place because of GDPR but was it really that bad? In many ways it was a much-needed kick up the backside, now we are noticing much higher levels of responsible marketing. No more sending out big blast emails that are irrelevant to 50% of the recipients or messaging people who quite frankly, don’t want you to. Now we’re left with those people who chose to remain in our marketing databases, and have actually expressed an interest. These are the only people that really mattered anyway.

Our marketing lists have been cleaned.

The data we hold now gives us a more accurate reflection of our customers, the ones who are truly valuable and more importantly, receptive to the message. If I stopped on the street and started shouting across the road at a stranger, would they respond? No chance. I’d have to shout at a lot of people before I found one who didn’t think I was nuts and was interested in what I had to say. Conversely, if I knew exactly who the people were who were interested I would save myself a lot of time, and ultimately would get more effective results. This is what GDPR has essentially done for us, cut out the shouting and left us with the interested.

Embrace the change.

Some firms are still scrambling to make sure everything is in place, and make sure they’re compliant, some firms are terrified and too scared to press that send button, but some are embracing the change and these, are the ones who are turning a threat into an opportunity. We don’t have to be afraid, as long as our data is organised correctly and managed, perhaps in a CDP, then we’re safe and it’s time to communicate with our valuable customers. Let’s turn this into an opportunity, not a threat.

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