Manage all your customer data & communications in one place

The Hive Marketing Cloud provides a fully integrated capability suite to enable marketers to really understand their customers and leverage that insight to increase engagement and lifetime value. Easy to use, visual customer data insight, journey orchestration, drag and drop email editor and message delivery. Built for Marketers who demand better-personalised customer engagement, automated marketing communication and proven marketing ROI.


We simplify the marketing process and enable you to make better-informed decisions.


Read more about our Customer Lifetime Value Model > and why you need the Hive Marketing Cloud.

Grow customer lifetime value at scale, affordably with the Hive Marketing Cloud

We do this by making it possible for marketers to solve their top three strategic marketing goals; customer acquisition, retention and growth, while solving their top three modern marketing challenges; managing customer journeys, customer value optimisation and customer experience.


Hive solves three key marketing challenges:


Customer Journeys are complex


Customer value optimisation is challenging


Consistent experiences are difficult to achieve

Marketers understand that customer interaction and buying patterns are highly complex, especially in a digital and multi-channel world. The Customer Journey in increasingly complicated, it is not linear and traditional funnel models just don’t work.

Marketers know that optimising the value of every customer is a business imperative. More relevant and personalised content is needed to drive results in an increasingly competitive world. However, the ability to understand what makes everyone tick, the insight and context needed to make inspiring decisions about what, where and when is a daily marketing challenge.

Marketers recognise that a seamless and consistent customer experience is vital in maintaining relationships with discerning consumers with short attention spans. Marketing works in an age where the difficulties of refactoring copy and content across multiple channels and devices are never going away.

How to focus on the right challenge

When faced with Customer Journey complexity, value optimisation and consistent customer experience challenges, how do marketers work out the what, when and how?

It is very hard to measure the impact of marketing in a way that makes it meaningful to the business. At a strategic level seeing the impact of marketing on every acquisition would be nice. At a customer level, seeing what works and drives behaviour down to the individual level would be amazing but what do marketers need to focus on?

From our years of experience, we think we know the answer!

Working with 1000’s of marketers for over two decades has helped. We have seen the evolution of modern marketing and understand the impact of the issues marketers face.

The answer is surprisingly simple….

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is a well-established method for determining the value of customers to your marketing and your business. It is the methodology that tracks the direction your customers are taking in terms of sales, profit and customer satisfaction. It is the methodology that enables marketers to understand what is happening in real-time, across every customer down to the individual, by profile, by segment, by geography.

Hive Marketing Cloud is an automated Customer Journey marketing platform that is perfectly designed for marketers to grow customer lifetime value. It automates and measures Customer Journeys across multiple communication channels, bring a single view of your customer into one place, where you can see the impact you have on each one. It makes sense of data across all channels and devices, where your customers engage and your marketing is delivered, so you can work out exactly what’s working for you, where and when.

At Hive we help you to focus on your Customer Lifetime Value. Our LTV model helps you to automate and deliver your multi-channel customer acquisition, growth and retention marketing strategies to build strong advocacy with your customers. We support your marketing teams to deliver integrated and automated customer marketing journeys that grow your business.

Hive Marketing Cloud customer lifetime value model explained

Acquire new customers

Grow existing customers

Retain customers for longer

Build customer advocacy


Using all your existing customer data from across the business you can easily build best customer profiles in the Hive Marketing Cloud. These profiles can be used to match to social media audiences (e.g. Facebook) or to 3rd party data, people who look like your customers but are not your customers yet and should be. An accurate profile match enables you to build and run cost-effective multi-channel acquisition campaigns (lookie-likey customer journey campaigns) within relevant social media platforms that deliver new customers to you continuously.

Within the Hive Marketing Cloud, you can visually create a detailed analysis of your customers and build models of what they have bought when they engage, what channels they use, what offers they respond to etc. From these models, it is easy to design automated customer marketing journeys that continuously engage with customers to enhance your brand profile, to cross and up-sell relevant products, to build advocacy and deepen the relationship that you have with them.

Hive Marketing Cloud enables you to create simple models that trigger marketing actions if your customers show signs of lapsing. From previous purchase data and last purchase date, you can easily create models that identify all the customers that are at risk. The Hive Marketing Cloud automates the selection of these at risk customers into your pre-built lapsing customer marketing journeys where you can present tempting offers for them to re-engage, buy more, become advocates and stay customers for longer.

The most valuable of all, let the Hive Marketing Cloud automate your advocacy customer journeys. Your active advocates are your best marketing campaign for attracting new customers. Ensure that you keep growing your active advocates by knowing who they are, what they like, what channels they use and building constant contact campaigns that enable them to engage.

Customer Data Platform

Seamlessly consolidate online and offline customer data onto one marketing platform

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