Don’t sell to the sold and avoid unhappy customers

We’ve all been there; you’re on your once-in-a-lifetime holiday when you get an email from your holiday company informing you that you can now purchase the trip that you’re on at a whopping 20% less than you booked it for…


There’s nothing like feeling that you’ve been made to overspend to ruin a relaxing break.  How do you as a business avoid being that financial party pooper?


Hive Marketing Cloud’s software creates rules which exclude customers who have already booked their holiday when running discount promotions.  No holiday-ruining emails!


Exposing your existing loyal customers to lower rates than they’ve booked for can lead to last-minute cancellations or cause the customer to rebook at a lower rate, affecting your profit margins.  You also run the risk of losing loyal customers and business credibility if you’re not vigilant.


Using Hive Marketing Cloud’s simple filter system, you can choose which customers to exclude from your promotional messaging based on the timeline of their travel period or by destination.


Retain control of your revenue margin and customer satisfaction simultaneously by reducing the potential discounting of existing bookings.

Hive Marketing Cloud – protecting your booked revenue and margins as well as your reputation.

"From being able to personalise our messages and target specific segments with journeys which can go into so much detail is fantastic - the ROI of our email marketing has hugely increased"

James Pass | Online Manager

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