You’ve put out the promotion, you’ve secured the booking, but have you made the most out of your customer's engagement, or could you find other opportunities?


If you’re looking to increase online booking value after the booking has been made, but you’re not sure how or when to do so, look no further than Hive Marketing Cloud.  Hive provides a visual Journey Planner that provides clear insights as to the perfect time to create upselling promotions based on each customer’s individual travel date.


Trigger a sequence of timely communications with your customers regarding additional services and products that they might be interested in bolting on to their existing holiday booking.  Upsell items such as transfers, car hire and excursions to increase booking value and expand customer satisfaction.


Hive Marketing Cloud’s software highlights pre and post-travel communication opportunities allowing for maximum engagement with the traveller.  Strong communication means that you can gauge how happy your customers are and how effective further cross-selling would be.


This is also the perfect chance to ask for those crucial reviews from customers who feel looked after by your company.

Hive Marketing Cloud – showing you how and when to increase your booking value for each tailored booking.

Increase the value of your bookings and customers

"From being able to personalise our messages and target specific segments with journeys which can go into so much detail is fantastic - the ROI of our email marketing has hugely increased"

James Pass | Online Manager

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