Increase engagement through relevancy and context

Using our intuitive workflow designer you can simply and easily build powerful customer journeys that contain a range of decision points that allow you to evaluate and execute your next best action.

Our powerful analytic tools quickly create segments you can drop directly into your journey.  Optimise each campaign through inclusion of control groups, A/B or multi-variate testing. Deliver message content to email, SMS, Telephone, Direct Mail, Social and Ad Technologies.  Build in pauses to allow customers to evaluate your offers or just listen until an action is completed.  Simplify attribution by using our selectable response stages across online and offline channels.  Chain journeys together as customers move through their lifecycle.


The Hive platform is deployed with a library of ‘fast start’ templates based on best practice.  This significantly reduces on-boarding time and helps quickly deliver results.

Life-cycle marketing

Manage whole programmes, not just campaigns

Each phase of the customer life cycle is unique and presents different challenges and choices.  Winning new customers can take time whilst you build an affinity with them, engaging with lapsing customers before they leave can be difficult to predict.  Creating these customer journeys has never been as easy.


Using our intuitive workflow interface you simply build the sequence of tests, messages and events each customer may take on the path, laid out in simple, easy to understand flow and let customer journey automation pay you back.


Now you can automatically grow engagement and empathy with your customer as they trigger specific events in your programmes, or their predicted behaviour changes through time.


True 1-to-1 marketing!

Marketing efficiency improvements

Get one step ahead

Marketing today can feel very like hard work. Campaigns need to be planned and implemented across many systems which takes time, you spend more time doing than thinking.


Once your campaigns have been executed evaluating the results is often the biggest challenge of all. You can only measure the information you hold. Knowing 20% of your target group opened an email is interesting but if your goal was to get them to buy your products it falls short.


Prospective purchasers who repeatedly visit your website browsing the latest products are showing real interest if you could identify them and their behaviour surely you’d do something to ensure they made a purchase?


The Hive Marketing Cloud allows you to build these Customer Journeys to ensure you automatically respond to behaviour and act as if they were by your side. Get one step ahead.

Templated Journeys

How to implement best practice

We’ve teamed up with a range of industry experts to build a library of best practice templates for you to incorporate into your Customer Journeys.

There is no playbook that will ensure you are successful but there are tried and tested techniques that could improve your marketing performance and we deliver them to you in easily deployable templates you can modify to suit your unique opportunities.

Improve your productivity, spend less time building campaigns and more time focusing on the results to continually improve your performance.

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