Marketers are curious, always probing and testing Customers and campaigns, following their train of thought.

Most analytics and reporting tools, including Excel, require lots of data extraction and manipulation before any analysis can even begin.  Hive delivers you all of the data – all of the time, presented in a fast, visual and easy to use ‘drag and drop’ interface where you can explore customer behaviour and build rich actionable insights, instantly.

Through a range of charts, graphs, maps, pivot tables and VENN diagrams Hive makes analysis and dashboards simple.

Audience engagement visualisation

Open rates are about people not messages

Marketers talk often about email campaign open and click rates and of course, these are important but most email providers don’t let you see the customers behind the opens.  You may achieve 20%+ open rates each month on your campaigns but are they the same customers?


The pivot table and graph visualise the individual campaign reports, add the power of a VENN diagram and Marketers can easily display the customers who have opened each campaign to see they are reaching a very different audience.


Analysis made simple with actionable segments at your fingertips.

Purchasing behaviour understood

Instantly explore online and offline purchase data

Exploring purchase data helps Marketers build a clearer picture of customer buying behaviour. Identify what products and categories are performing well and delve deeper into understanding why.

Marketers usually have little visibility into sales records without being dependent on IT.  Hive puts control back within the marketing teams.

Compare different channels and categories spotting new customer trends and hidden segments.

Build geographic insight with location

Select an audience straight from the map

Geography plays a role for all Marketers.  Any business with physical locations can identify and target individuals based on where they live, work, or respond to messages, as geolocations are available from a wide range of systems.

Communications can then be tailored towards more immediate channels like SMS to promote upcoming events or in-store promotions as time closes in. Plan your media spend around how many customers and prospects will hear a radio jingle or read a print advertisement.

Hive integrates with OpenStreetMaps to provide global geocoding insight.

Gain rich insights into customer behaviour and profitable segments
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