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The Hive Marketing Cloud is an automated Customer Journey marketing platform for marketers who need to improve prospect-to-customer conversion and grow customer lifetime value.


It builds and maintains a Customer Data Platform from your existing systems; a platform to better understand and target customers with more relevant and timely content to deliver cross-channel marketing interactions using our rich drag and drop content editor.


Hive Marketing Cloud –  delivering results one person at a time for every journey they take with you.

   Customer Data Platform   

Seamlessly consolidate online and offline customer data onto one marketing platform
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 Customer Journey Automation 

Increase engagement through relevancy and context
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Ensure the right communication medium is used to enhance engagement
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   Multi-Channel Messaging   

Visually report on and explore your results to gain rich insight into customer behaviour
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   Analytics & Insight   

The Hive Marketing Cloud provides a fully integrated capability suite to enable marketers to really understand their customers and leverage that insight to increase engagement and lifetime value.


Easy to use, visual customer data insight, journey orchestration, drag-and-drop content editor and message delivery. Built for Marketers who demand better-personalised customer engagement, automated marketing communication and proven marketing ROI.


We simplify the marketing process for you and enable you to make better decisions on the next best action to grow customer engagement and lifetime value.

Travel & Tourism

The Hive Marketing Cloud helps Travel & Tourism organisations better understand their audiences and products.

We provide solutions for the most common data challenges encountered when marketing for Travel & Tourism.

"From being able to personalise our messages and target specific segments with journeys which can go into so much detail is fantastic - the ROI of our email marketing has hugely increased"

James Pass | Online Manager

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